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Customer Centricity

“Customer First” is our key business philosophy. We take responsibility of solving complex business problems of customers and ensure that the expectations are met and the goal is reached.

Deliver Value-Driven Solution & Services

Intelligencia is committed to deliver value driven solutions and services that enable to gain competitive advantage and return of investment.

Integrated Skillset

Intelligencia experts have extensive research and industry-oriented data intensive AI solution development skills.

Distinguished Track Record

Intelligencia has distinguished track record of delivering data science and artificial intelligence solutions.

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EAGLE-I is the next-generation video analytics platform that combines the power of IoT devices namely Smart Glass, CCTV, Mobile Devices, etc. with state-of-the-art image and video analytics algorithms. It gives law enforcement agencies immense power in real-time and offline analysis for carrying out critical operations such as identifying criminals, detecting weapons, detecting fake national identity card, detection of age and gender, and license plate recognition

Authentication is a way to unambiguously verify whether a person is also who pretends to be. Biometric authentication checks this for unmistakable biological or behavioural properties.

An authentication system compares specified data with validated user information from a database. In conventional systems, this information is passwords. In biometric authentication, on the other hand, this information is physical or behavioural characteristics.

Our CCTV and Site Monitoring Solution (CSMS) is a centralized video surveillance system. It is compatible with multiple IP protocols to achieve real-time surveillance of multiple integrated security systems.

Video surveillance is mainly concerned with CCTV monitoring of real-time and historical events, and in the case of security events, the “CSMS” allows security operators to follow the event live on their monitoring screen and take action as per the intervention instructions stored in the system configuration database.

“CSMS” is compatible with a wide range of CCTV cameras, intrusion and fire alarm systems, as well as GPS tracking units.

The power of “CSMS” is its integration capabilities giving the users a full view of all systems being monitored from one console while offering a visual display on large video walls to monitor, process, and report on alarms in progress; while recording every action taken, providing at the end of the day a detailed report of all incidents.

Intelligencia offers Customer 360 Degree business analytics for banks and telecom companies. In this solution, we combined classical and cutting-edge technologies to enable users to perform a wide variety of analysis such as client profling, opinion analysis, predicting customer churn, and customer channel analysis etc.

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